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My Story

My name is Stefano Mercuri, Founder & CEO, of Complete VIP Services. Working as a Private Concierge to elite clients since 2006, I have always prided myself on providing a seamless, personalized experience for all our clients luxury service needs. As our business continues its incredible growth, it only makes sense to take the next step and add yet another sought after service for our clients: Acquisitions Division - Mortgages.


The initial discussion was whether to simply partner and refer our clients to a mortgage brokerage or if I should become a licensed agent myself, after speaking with a few clients the decision was clear, in house and handled by myself was requested. Relationships have always been the cornerstone of Complete VIP Services and I wanted to continue to take care of our clients, personally. With the sharing of sensitive information including financial documents during this process it only made sense for me to handle it in house to ensure our clients comfort during this process.


I will be there to assist our clients from Pre-Approval to the completion and answering any questions you may have at each important step of the process. I now have access to over 200 lenders including banks, credit unions, private lenders, and commercial lenders. We chose Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc. after careful consideration and a lengthy vetting process to ensure that this was the right fit for our clients' needs. Based on their 17 years of experience, their network and attention to detail we knew that this was the perfect partner.


I see my clients as family, and understand that it is about taking care of people first and foremost! That is what Complete VIP Services and it’s new offering is all about: taking care of people!


Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc.
Brokerage #

Mortgage Agent #M21004653

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